There is more to your job search than just your resume. Other professional documents, including cover letters, bios, and references, should also be included in your job search portfolio. These components should be as well written and professionally laid out as your master resume.

I believe generic cover letters are never adequate at making your intentions clear to a potential employer. They just become neutral transmittals. You need something specific for the targeted job. When I write cover letters or other professional documents, I will always ask you for the job posting you are aiming for, along with any original drafts of professional documents you may have written in the past. If I think what you have written is fine (or only needs a few minor changes), I will let you know. If I can work on it and add value, then I would be delighted to discuss that with you!

Here are just a few of the documents that you might need in your professional portfolio at different points in your career:

  • Cover Letters
  • Approach Letters
  • Professional Bios
  • 30-60-90-Day Plans
  • Thank You Letters
  • Online Job Applications
  • Networking Business Cards
  • Personal Salary Histories
  • References Sheets
  • Resignation Letters


To get started putting together a comprehensive and effective job search portfolio, including cover letters, schedule a free consultation call with me for more information.